Event Recap: Gen Beauty Toronto 2017

gen beauty toronto 2017

Hello! Today I have a recap of Gen Beauty Toronto 2017 which was held last weekend. I went last year and was luke warm about the experience. This year I was generously invited by a friend to join in. I thought I would do a review of this year’s festivities in comparison to last year with also a look into the goodies we got.

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Review: Love, BITE Lip Kit

love, bite

As many of you know, BITE is my jam. I LOVE BITE! They recently shared one of my photos on Instagram (I think mistakenly twice) and I died. The photo was of the Love, BITE kit which contains two Multisticks, a Prismatic Pearl Creme Lip Gloss, and a mini mirror. Someone asked for swatches so here we go!

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#NailsOfTheDay: Easy Crescent Moon Nails

This #NailsOfTheDay is a bit of a throwback. I honestly really don’t do many nail looks much anymore, just because of timing. One of my highschool nail art favs is the crescent moon – reverse french tips. It’s super easy and I think it looks really nice. Here is a mini tutorial of how you can get the look too.

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Review: Moor Spa Skincare Items

moor spa

With summer weather arriving with a wham, season changes always makes me want to change up my routine. Or at least add a couple of items here and there to mix it up a bit. Moor Spa recently reached out, giving me the opportunity to try out a few of their products! I decided to pick a couple items that either seemed ‘different’ or ones that I didn’t have a lot of (aka no face masks)!

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First Impressions: Full Face of Foil Samples

Full Face of Samples

Hi friends! Anyone else have an ever expanding collection of foil samples? Mine are definitely getting unruly, so I thought I would try something fun. I noticed that I had the right samples to do a full face, so I thought I would give it a try. When I use foil samples I usually use them one at a time (when I remember). This seemed like a good way to cut down on my samples but also try some new products all at once.

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Versus: Becca Jaclyn Hill and Chrissy Teigen Palettes

becca jaclyn hill Chrissy Teigen

Becca is such an amazing brand producing some of the best face products in the game. One collab that put this brand on the map is the Jaclyn Hill collection. Champagne Pop to my knowledge is one of the highest sold products at Sephora EVER. That’s so incredible! I think I own literally every single iteration of Champagne Pop other than the split pans. You could say I’m a fan. When Becca announced the Chrissy Teigen collection I was so intrigued. The promo pics I saw looked so pretty, and being the complete makeup psycho I am, I snatched it up! But a question remains. How do the Jaclyn Hill and Chrissy Teigen palettes stack up against each other?

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