Zoella Beauty Review + GIVEAWAY!

zoella beauty

Hello friends! If you’re like me, you watch tons of beauty videos online. If you’re also like me, you’ve heard the name Zoella. Since when I first started watching beauty videos god knows when, Zoella was definitely a constant name in cyberspace. She is arguably one of the most popular beauty blogger/ vloggers out there. Her empire continues to grow including books and a beauty line! Today I have a review of one product from her cosmetics line and a GIVEAWAY!

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Book Review: The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty

The Compassionate Chick's Guide to DIY Beauty: 125 Recipes for Vegan, Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free Makeup, Skin and Hair Care Products

Hi folks! Today I have something much different than my usual beauty posts! I got the chance to review a new beauty book called The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty. I’m not much for a DIYer and neither vegan or gluten free. For all of these reasons, I was very interested in trying this book out. I thought I could learn a lot and have some fun experimenting with some of the recipes!

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First Impressions: FaceOff Makeup Removing Cloth

faceoff makeup removing cloth

If you know my makeup habits, you’ll know that I consider myself a makeup wipe connoisseur. I try any and all makeup wipes and end up using them as the main way to take off my makeup. I definitely know that makeup wipes aren’t the most effective way to remove makeup, but my laziness always seems to take precedent. I’m also fully away that using a wipe a day to just be thrown in the garbage is pretty wasteful.

I was recently approached to try the FaceOff Makeup Removing Cloth. A microfiber cloth that is supposed to take off your makeup with just warm water?! Sign me up!

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Event Recap: Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipstick Launch

make up for ever artist rouge

Hello! Earlier this month I got the chance to attend a Make Up For Ever event for the launch of their new Artist Rouge lipsticks. Make Up For Ever is probably one of my favourite brands. A lot of their products were love at first swatch and these lipsticks were no exception! I had such a fun night with some other beauty blogger friends plus I got to see an old friend from school!

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Pokemon Go Team Makeup Looks

pokemon go makeup look

So unless you’ve been under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of Pokemon Go. It’s the AR, geolocation game based on the popular Pokemon franchise that is taking the world by storm. I’ve been a huge fan of the Pokemon series already so this Pokemon game for mobile devices has been interesting! I’ve been definitely playing but not quite addicted. 😉 I’m more excited for the new Sun and Moon games coming out soon! Anyways, in the Pokemon Go games once you reach level 5, you get the choice between 3 teams: Instinct (Yellow, Zapdos), Mystic (Blue, Articuno), and Valor (Red, Moltres). I was inspired by these 3 teams and their colours and decided to do 3 different makeup looks representing them!

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Review: NYX Beauty School Dropout in Graduate + Swatches

nyx beauty school dropout graduate

Some time ago, I got the chance to go to a NYX Prom event (which you can read about here). The theme was done impeccably and we got the chance to take home a backpack with some goodies. One of the said goodies was the Beauty School Dropout palette in Graduate. The palette is massive with 35 eye shadows, 2 contour powders, 2 highlighting powders and 3 blushes. I’ve had a chance to play around with the powders and am definitely ready to give you my opinion on them!

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Summer Skin ft. BVspa Scrubs

2016-07-25 21.26.07

Now that it’s August, it feels that summer is fleeting. I haven’t been able to fly anywhere this summer (feel free to read what happened to my would-be vacation here) but I’ve had the chance to do day trips here and there. The above picture is from my boyfriend’s cottage we escaped to for a couple of days.

Other than sun protection, another important skin concern I have is making sure I have clean smooth skin. As I’m outside, sweating, and getting dirty (with sunscreen residue), this can make me feel pretty icky. One way I’ve found that has helped this is using body scrubs (I have a couple on the go right now). Two that I’m LOVING so far are the BVspa Salt Scrub and Sugar Scrub!

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Review: KVD Lock-It Color Correcting Eyeshadow Primer

kat von d lock it color correcting eyeshadow primer

Today I have a review on the Kat Von D Lock-It Color Correcting Eyeshadow Primer. Kat Von D has an entire ‘Lock-It’ line with foundation, concealer, powder and primer. I was interested in trying this eye primer as it’s color (or ‘colour’ for us Canadians) correcting. I’ve tried a few primers such as the ones from Urban Decay and Nars, and definitely wanted to see how this compared!

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#OOTD: Messy Buns, Midi Skirts, and Muggle Magic

2016-07-31 12.44.20

Can you tell I have a think for alliteration? Lemme just start out by saying that I’m NO fashion blogger and I don’t pretend to be! I also feel a bit weird posting so many photos of myself but new skirt + new Harry Potter + catching Pokemon at the waterfront = asking my boyfriend to take some photos of me. We had just stopped off at Chapters to pick up the new Harry Potter book and were at the waterfront meeting a friend for lunch. We had 10 minutes before hand to kill so I forced him to take some photos. 😉

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