My Z Palette + Inglot Eye Shadow Review


Hello, hello! I wanted to start this blog by saying Happy Valentines Day! Even when single, I never understood the hatred that some have for the day. To each their own I guess. I understand that love should be shown all days of the year, but I still like the idea of Valentines Day. 🙂 Maybe I just like holidays in general.

Anyways, I also wanted to say sorry for the lack of posts. In all honesty I’ve just been a combination of busy/lazy (more of the latter). I haven’t been able to read any blogs either! Hope to catch up on my bloglovin’ blog roll eventually as well.

In this post, I will be doing an overview of my Z- palette and a review of 5 Inglot shadows I picked up. If you didn’t see it, I had to return the Tartelette palette (which can be read about here) and decided to build my own palette.

Z- Palette

For those that don’t know what a Z palette is, it’s a cardboard palette where you can hold individual shadows, blushes, etc. It has magnetic properties in the palette which allow the shadows to stick. I researched a lot before buying this one. You can buy many different types of z-palettes online, or other palettes like the MAC and Make Up For Ever ones. I bought this one from Sephora, as seen by the design. The one thing I can comment on is that it was pretty expensive. This was the biggest size that Sephora sells and it was $35 dollars. You can get Z palettes online for cheaper, but I had a gift card for Sephora so it was worth it for me. The kit also comes with de-potting supplies to help you remove products that are already in a palette. I haven’t used them yet so I can’t comment.

In my palette right now, I have my 5 Inglot shadows and a Benefit Coralista blush. My boyfriend got me the Benefit Advent Calendar 2 Christmases ago and it came with sample products like this blush. I didn’t need to de-pot the blush because it came in a cheap plastic cover which I was able to rip (hulk power!).


  • Great way to cut down on clutter
  • Easy to see all your shadows in one area
  • I like that it has a clear cover to see in
  • Has more than enough room for my makeup needs
  • A bit on the pricey side compared to online, MAC or MUFE palettes

Inglot Shadows


Now on to the review of a couple of shadows I bought. I’m gonna just make these quick bullet points, cause I know you wanna move on with your life and such.


  • A matte beige colour
  • A good lid colour
  • Could be used as a highlight on brow bone or even maybe on cheeks?
  • A bit of fallout noticed



  • A taupey brown colour
  • My least favourite colour
  • Not as opaque as expected
  • Takes a lot to build up
  • Noticed some fallout when swishing my brush around



  • A peachy gold shimmery colour
  • Looks awesome as an overall lid colour
  • Very very pretty on the eye and my favourite shadow of the bunch



  • A purpley taupey brown
  • I like this for a crease colour
  • Could also be used as a very subtle outer corner shadow



  • VERY pigmented
  • I’ve been using this for outer corner
  • A bit hard to blend. If too much shadow is used it can look patchy when blended



In general, after using these shadows for about a month, I think I’ve gotten a good grasp on which ones I like and which ones I don’t. My favourite is #397 and my least favourite is #337. I would say that overall I am happy with these shadows, but they were a bit over-hyped for me. I think it depends the colour you get as I found that different colours had a different formulation. I would also say that my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is more blendable than these ones in general. With that said though, I would be interested in trying more of these out!

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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  • I've been wanting to buy a z palette for the longest time now, but I'm not sure if I can get over the price :/ I could really use one considering how much space my blushes take up..

  • I think it's honestly a good investment. The MAC and MUFE ones are (surprisingly) cheaper. The MAC one is plastic with a clear cover like the z palette, but the MUFE one is metal with no see through panel (it's the cheapest though). I don't even think i'm gonna depot all of my big palettes, but I have some smaller things that I really wanna stuff in it. I think you should get one!!

  • 397 IS SO PRETTY. I DEFS NEED THAT. I saw the MUFE blank palettes when I was at Jenn's/A Beautiful Zen's place, as she also has the z-palettes and MUFE palettes. Aesthetically speaking, I enjoy the look of the MUFE ones more (and apparently the magnets are stronger)!

    I have to say, when I first saw those shades in the first photo, I thought they were all for contouring your face, L O L.

  • It is honestly the must beautiful shade EVER. Love it!

    Yeah I can see why you say that. Since it's metal I can see why the magnets would work better. For me, the deal breaker was that it wasn't see-through. I guess i'm just super nosy and need to constantly see what's in what. ;P

    Fair enough! They totally do look like contour shades! I wonder how they would look on my face….I smell an experiment.

  • I'm totally getting that Z palette when sephora has their vib sale! I've been eyeing it but I didn't want to splurge on it yet. 397 looks liek a really good highlighter for the cheeks too!!

  • Honestly, get it. It's such a good investment!! Yeah Vanessa was mentioning that too. I'm going to try out some of the products on my face and see the results haha.

  • Each of these shadows look so pretty, especially 344 – I've been really into cool taupes lately.

  • Thank you, I totally agree. I feel that taupes work so well with any look you're doing!

  • uneecakes

    where did you get the inglot eyeshadows from?

  • I actually got them from the Inglot store in downtown Toronto. I know they also sell online in Canada!

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