Versus: Make Up For Ever HD and Ultra HD Foundation

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Hello! If you’re a Make Up For Ever junkie like I am, you’ll know that they somewhat recently discontinued their highly touted HD foundation. Instead, Make Up For Ever now has the Ultra HD foundation to stand up to the growing advances in 4K technology. I’ve been using both for some time now and I think I have a clear grasp of the differences! Lets see how they compare…

This post will be a bit different than my previous Versus posts just because they were/are sold in the same place, have the same price, etc. Instead, I’d like to highlight a few similarities and differences that I noticed between the two.

1. Packaging

As shown from my picture above, the packaging is almost identical. Both come with a pump and contain 30mL or 1.01 fl oz. The only noticeable difference about the two bottles is that Ultra HD has a chrome stripe.

2. Colour/ Shade Match

After reading a few reviews, I saw that some HD colours did not perfectly match with their supposed counter part in Ultra HD.

2015-10-12 14.51.01
My shade however was a pretty close match. In the above pictures, the first bottle shows HD in which I was colour 120. The second bottle is Ultra HD which converts 120 to Y245. In the bottle, it looks like Ultra HD is a tad darker than HD, but when actually swatched, HD seems a tiny bit darker. Weird! This might be due to the bottle and my lighting. In all honesty though, I really couldn’t tell much of a difference. Both shades work very well for me.

2015-10-12 14.52.41




3. Application

This is where I started to notice some differences. For HD, I was never able to use a Beauty Blender. I tried multiple times, but the sponge just soaked up way too much of the foundation and sheered out the coverage in a way that didn’t work for me. I ended up just using a dense foundation brush which applied perfectly fine.

In comparison, I could use my Beauty Blender with the Ultra HD! This was a pleasant and welcome surprise. I have no idea why the sponge soaked up more of the HD than the Ultra HD when blending.

If applied the way that I felt best (brush for HD and sponge for Ultra HD), I got pretty similar results.

4. Wear

Another major difference that I noticed between these two foundations was the finish and how they wore throughout the day. I found HD kept a demi matte look longer than Ultra HD where I would get more noticeably oily quicker (my skin type is oily-combination). So far, this hasn’t kept me from Ultra HD though. I find that even when I get a bit more oily than normal, the foundation gives me more of a highlighted glow than super noticeable oil. With this being said though, if I know that I’ll be in an environment with a bit more heat or activity, I’d reach for my HD. Ultra HD is still a very good choice for every day wear (depending on your skin type).

I found both of these foundations lasted for around the same time, 5-6 hours, before breaking down around my nose where I get the most oily. I don’t touch up my foundation throughout the day, so maybe I could get it to last longer if I powdered throughout the day.

5. On Camera and Flash Photography

I don’t work at a job that requires me to be on film or anything, so these foundations were tested as everyday foundations. I can attest that both of these photograph absolutely beautifully though. I bought HD for my grad pictures last year (which you can read about here) which is about the most picture pressure there is! My family is really into photography so the Ultra HD has been tested during some family get-togethers for sure!


When it comes down to it, these are both very good foundations. Unfortunately since HD is no longer available, Ultra HD is the only choice. Ultra HD makes me more oily than HD, but I can use a beauty blender with Ultra HD which is a plus. I would say that if you have tried the HD formula, be ready for some differences with the Ultra HD. I would mostly recommend Ultra HD for dry to combination skin.

If you’ve never tried either MUFE foundation and are looking for a medium coverage flawless but natural looking foundation, you’re definitely looking in the right place with Ultra HD.

Thanks so much for reading! Hope this helped you if you’ve tried the HD and are thinking about the Ultra HD or are just curious about a MUFE foundation. Have a wonderful day!

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