Review: Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer and Undereye Corrector

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Mary Kay Concealers

I recently received a very generous package from Mary Kay with some highlights from their new Summer 2016 collection. Some of the standouts in the collection are their new Perfecting Concealers and Undereye Corrector.

There are 6 colours for the Perfecting Concealers:

  • Light Ivory
  • Deep Ivory
  • Light Beige
  • Deep Beige
  • Light Bronze
  • Deep Bronze

Mary Kay Concealers

As you can see, Mary Kay has grouped them by basic colouring and then provided a ‘light’ and ‘deep’ version of this. The last swatch is of the Undereye Corrector.

For the Undereye Corrector, it only comes in one shade, a light pinky salmon colour. I would say one negative of these concealers and the Undereye Corrector is the lack of colour selection. The six colours do a decent job of covering the basics, but it is by no means stellar.

In terms of application, both the Perfecting Concealer and the Undereye Corrector come with a doe foot applicator with 0.21 oz of product. Both the Perfecting Concealer and the Undereye Corrector retail for $17.50 CAD. In terms of comparison, this contains 0.01 oz less than the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.

Mary Kay Concealer

Now in terms of the concealer’s performance. My colour is Light Beige and it’s a pretty decent match. This concealer has really great coverage. I’ve been having these really weird dark spots on my face (going to the dermatologist about it soon) so I thought that this would be a great way to showcase the power of these concealers!


Discolouration spot (with foundation over top)

Mary Kay Concealer

With a touch of concealer and…

Mary Kay Concealer

Volia! Very happy with the coverage!

The Undereye Corrector performs very similarly to the Perfecting Concealer. I would say that if you mostly use your concealer for under the eyes (and the one shade works for you), the Undereye Corrector is just fine. If you also use your concealer for zits or discolouration, a Perfecting Concealer shade would probably work better.

All in all, I’ve very happy with these products! The coverage is great and I think they are very comparable to higher end brands or formulations!

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you have a great day!

  • Sounds pretty awesome! I haven’t tried anything from Mary Kay yet.

    • It’s a pretty underrated brand! I’m not sure if you’d be able to get it in Switzerland though! 😮

  • YES! I’m amazed and happy that these are working for sooo many people!

    • They are super high end but decently affordable! I love it!

  • I’m really impressed by these concealers and corrector, LOVE the formula! The shade range could always be better but I think it’s a good starting one.

    • It’s an amazing formula eh? Yup you’re right on that! I’m glad I was able to find a shade that worked for me!

  • The first two shades look identical on my skin. Great to see swatches on other people! I love this concealer!

    • Interesting! Yeah they look way different on my skin! It’s such an amazing concealer!

  • I’m so so impressed with these concealers!

  • That demo is great. The concealer really performs well on your skin. Excellent review!

    • Thanks Kate! They worked really well for me so I’m happy about that!

  • These look great! Love that it looks creamy, but with good coverage too! Thanks for the demo 🙂

    • Thanks Jen! They are super creamy, you’re right! Easily blendable with amazing coverage!

  • Wow, that coverage is pretty amazing. I haven’t tested these yet but have heard amazing things about them.

    • It’s great isn’t it! Hope you like them too when you try them!

  • These look great!

  • I like that they have darker shades too and the coverage is really great. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of Mary Kay products but this conceal looks worth it.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Yes! The coverage is pretty amazing!!

  • I am so in love with these concealers, I do agree they need a bit more shade range. I find 3 of them and the under eye all work for me, so I think they need to have some more mid tone range shades for people

    • Aren’t they so great! Yeah maybe just with Make Up For Ever and Nars there is a HUGE shade range so it’s tough for other brands to live up to that!