BITE Beauty Mauvember 2015 vs. 2016

bite beauty mauvember

Hello! I recently posted about BITE and I’m at it again. This post will be fairly short, but it will be an overview of the 2015 versus 2016 BITE Mauvember shade in support of the Movember Foundation. I know when they announced the 2016 shade, I wasn’t sure if it was the same limited edition shade or different. As ‘mauve’ as they both are, I’m happy to report that they are in fact different!

Just a quick message about the product. Here’s the blurb present on the Sephora page:

“Inspired by her Father’s winning battle with prostate cancer, BITE Founder Susanne Langmuir wanted a fun, easy, and meaningful way for women, called Mo’Sistas, to support the men in their lives who face health issues. BITE’s custom-blended mauve shade is a way for women to proudly participate, spark conversation, and ultimately raise funds for men’s health during the month of November. One hundred percent of BITE’s proceeds and half of all Mauvember 2016 lipstick sales go directly to the Movember Foundation.”

The Mauvember lipstick is a fantastic product which supports a wonderful cause.

Now for the differences from this year’s shade to last year’s. You might be able to tell from the tubes above, but the swatches show the differences a lot better.

bite beauty mauvember swatch

BITE Mauvember 2015 – BITE Mauvember 2016

As you can see, the 2015 shade leans a lot more blue toned while the 2016 shade is a pink toned Mauve. Even though the 2016 shade is the new Amuse Bouche formula, I feel they both feel pretty similar on the lips.

bite beauty mauvember

BITE Mauvember 2015 – BITE Mauvember 2016

From the lip swatch, it’s pretty clear to see that the shades are pretty different. Close, but different. Funny enough, if the lighting isn’t perfect, you actually might not be able to tell. I’ve been wearing my ‘two toned lips’ all day and if I wasn’t in direct light, I honestly couldn’t tell which side was which.

The Mauvember shade is limited edition for the month of November, so if you want to get it, I would get it soon! You’re supporting a great cause and it’s a stunning and original colour!

You can buy the BITE Beauty Mauvember colour from Sephora in stores and online. Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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