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As I get older, one thing that I look further into is skincare. When MyChelle, a new skincare brand to Canada (which is now being sold at Shoppers Drug Mart’s Beauty Boutique) reached out, I was excited to look into it. MyChelle sent me four different products to try and I’m happy to now share my thoughts! I’ve been using these products for some time, (2 or so months) and I think I’ve definitely been able to formulate an opinion on them.

About the Brand

MyChelle is a company focusing on ‘clean’ skincare with cleansers, serums, exfoliators, sun protection, and moisturizers. They are Vegetarian, Cruelty-free, and Free of Phthalates, Parabens, Sulfates, Ureas, Artificial Fragrances and Colors, Petroleum, GMOs, and Gluten. The ingredeients they source are ethical and sustainable.

1. MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser

mychelle sugar refining cleanser


Price: $32 CAD

Natural sugar and intoxicating Vanilla-infused cleanser that gently exfoliates surface impurities as it transforms into a creamy, foaming lather—leaving skin radiant and refined. Boosted with anti-aging Matrixyl® Synthe’6™ Peptide, bioactive Plant Extracts, and Hyaluronic Acid to help keep skin hydrated.

Right out the gate, this product rocks. It’s a sugar scrub that can be diluted to your preference of abrasion. I like to use this as a scrub, so I don’t dilute it very much. After using this, my skin feels extremely clean without feeling stripped. It leaves the perfect base for makeup for sure! Highly recommend!

2. MyChelle Supreme Polypeptide Cream



Price: $70 CAD

Multi-peptide and nutrient-rich cream enriched with 4 powerful anti-aging peptides: Matrixyl® Synthe’6™, Syn-Coll®, AC DermaPeptide Revitalizing PF, and Proteasyl® TP Pea Peptide. This luxuriously rich moisturizing cream aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helps to restore skin tone and texture. Unscented (no added natural fragrances).

This cream is supposed to be used twice per day but I found it best to use it at night because of  its thick texture. I can’t comment on the reduction in appearance of wrinkles, but I can say that it improved the texture of my skin. I don’t have super dry skin, but after waking up after using this made my skin felt extremely refreshed! I feel like this product would be best on dry skin.

3. MyChelle Perfect C Serum



Price: $56 CAD

Advanced multi-tasking Vitamin C formula reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A high active level of 17% L-Ascorbic Acid, the only effective anti-aging form of Vitamin C, and Buddleja Plant Stem Cells brighten, protect against photo-damage, and combat the visible signs of aging. Dermatologist and Allergy tested.

I was actually a bit hesitant to try this because I’ve used the Ole Henriksen Vitamin C serum and my skin broke out like crazy. This product has not done that and I’ve actually had quite nice results. Again, I don’t have mature skin so I can’t comment on that, but I think it definitely improved the texture. I used this at night and my skin felt noticeably tighter.

4. MyChelle Remarkable Retinal Serum



Price: $60

Advanced serum with exclusive and patented IconicA® (Retinal)—the most potent form of Vitamin A—plus Ceramide 3 and Orange Plant Stem Cells to promote healthy skin renewal, help diminish skin discoloration (dark spots and blemishes), and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Dermatologist and Allergy tested.

Retinal is a new product in my skincare aresenal. I was actually quite surprised when I saw the product pumped out of the bottle! It’s such a pigmented yellow! I’m not sure if all retinal products look like this, but it was definitely surprising. In terms of it’s use, I was quite impressed. I noticed a difference the first time I used it. Like the Vitamin C Serum, my skin felt tighter. I can definitely see myself continuing on using it.


So in a nutshell, I’m so happy with MyChelle. All the products I tried were high end and made a difference in my skin. I’m very happy to look into other products such as their Clear Skin line. If you’re looking for a new brand on the Canadian market, definitely take a look at MyChelle!

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  • These products sound really good! I was just at shoppers today for the spend your points event – wish I’d seen some of these. The scrub sounds really good 🙂

    • Thanks Lindsey! Yeah, I haven’t seen these myself in stores yet, but I can’t wait to try other products when I can! At least they are online now at beauty boutique! Hope you managed to get some really great things with your points!

  • I haven’t seen this brand in Beauty Boutique just yet and I’m very curious about that retinol serum! I’m always looking out for products that have anti-aging properties and can be easily integrated with my current skincare routine!

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