Haul: Sephora Sales


Hello friends! I’ve been waiting to post this for some time. First it was just what I picked up in the VIB sale, then Black Friday, and today I just got my order for the $25 off of $50 VIB Rouge coupon. My wallet has been busy and I thought I would just group it all into one big haul!

VIB Sale


First up came the VIB Sale in November. It’s 20% off for VIB and VIB Rouge, so this is definitely a great time to stock up. I used this sale pick up old favourites and also try some new things! I also got my Canadian Beauty Blogger Secret Santa gift which is not shown!

One repurchase is the Bite Agave Lip Mask which is great for the winter months. I also grabbed the Bite Mauvember 2016 shade. I recently did a comparison of the the 2015 and 2016 version in a recent blog post. A foundation I’ve been dying to try is the Urban Decay All Nighter so I grabbed that as well. So far after using it a couple of times, I’m very happy with it! A full coverage foundation that really lasts all day!


In stores, I managed to find the Sephora Beauty’s Most Coveted Set. This has probably been the most amazing set for me just because I could see myself using everything except the Kabrow (wrong shade). A lot of products I’ve tried and would repurchase anyways (Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and Beauty Blender) and some items I’ve been dying to try (Foreo, Nars Creamy Concealer, and Glam Glow Super Mud) are included in the kit. Unfortunately I think this set is sold out (for understandable reasons)!

I'm not a beauty guru


I was intrigued by the Sephora Favourites Beauty UnMasked kit and decided to pick that up for my recent giveaway. And because I didn’t know if I’d be able to get the Beauty’s Most Coveted set, I also picked up some backup beauty blenders. The liquid cleanser is actually quite nice!


Finally, I redeemed for a 500 point Urban Decay perk. As much as I love the brand and eyeshadows, I find that this small version doesn’t replicate the regular amazing formulation that UD is known for. I redeemed last year for another UD 500 point palette perk and noticed the same thing. Still a decent palette for travel though.


Black Friday


I was actually quite restrained during the Sephora Black Friday sale just because there really wasn’t anything that I wanted. I picked up another Purity Made Simple to store in the shower and the Sephora Collection Essential Rose Trio. Otherwise, the deals didn’t really intrigue me, especially because a lot of them were over the normal $13 they’ve had in previous years. Let’s see what Boxing Day deals look like this year!

$25 off of $50


Finally, what I received today was the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette. With a practically 5 star review on Sephora and recommendations from the CBB, I had to spend my coupon on this. The palette contains all matte shades. I haven’t used this yet and I haven’t even swatched, but so far it looks gorgeous. It’s just a very pretty, solid palette and I’m so glad I picked it up!

And there we have my recent purchases from Sephora. I’m actually planning another order just because I got another $25 off of $50 coupon. I can’t let that go to waste can I? Thanks so much for reading! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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  • Oh my you have an AMAZING haul! Sephora in singapore doesn’t sell almost any of these special sets that sephora puts out in the US! I wish we brought in the yearly eyes, lips, face sets with minis! Have fun using everything!

    • Thanks Sharlynn! That’s too bad! Yeah the value sets are great because it let’s you try so many different things without commiting to a full size!

    I really like the idea behind Bite’s Mauvember shades, but I’m not really a fan of mauves shades, so that sucks for me 🙁
    I ended up getting a sample of UD’s Fireball while I was shopping in the States recently and WHEN AM I EVER GOING TO WEAR THIS SHADE?? And, that Kat von D palette is an unexpected purchase from you!

    • Right??? 😉
      For sure! Maybe they’ll come out with collections soon? Or even different charities that doesn’t have include a punny version of mo?
      I have actually 2 shades of fireball, one in this set and one in Vice 3. I like it, but I wish the pigmentation was a bit better.
      Yeah! Everyone was just raving about that palette, so I thought why not. I’m actually really glad I got it. I really like it so far!

  • You are so so so lucky to get another $25 coupon!!! I’m glad the issue got resolved and you were able to get what you deserved as VIB Rouge! I agree, my wallet has been so well beaten up this last couple of weeks! Aside from the beauty purchases I bought a new camera lens and I am dyingggggg!! The moneyyyy!!

    • I know! Thanks Steph! Yeah at least it’s all worked out now and they made up for it haha.

      Oh wow new Camera lens! Yeah those are pricey!! But investment right….? 😉

  • WOW. You really went all out with the haul eh? I mean, it is a fantastic time to do it and there’s definitely some great products there too! To be honest I’m really afraid of looking at my credit card haha (and I didn’t even buy anything during the Sephora Black Friday Discounts Ugh.)

    • I know!! Haha, tis the season right? I didn’t buy much for black friday just because there really wasn’t much….lets see going into the post season shopping season how I do…eek!

  • Love all the things you picked out! The KVD palette looks stunning. I was debating whether or not I should get it, but ended up not. Totally regretting it right now!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • Thanks Nicole! It’s a super beautiful palette that I really love. Next time the sale happens or even if you’re looking for a matte palette I would go for it!

  • Woot, good to hear the UD foundation lives up to the expectations. I still have to try it.

    • It’s really great! I’m so happy with my purchase! Made a lucky choice with the colour too!!

  • I wanted the Most Coveted Set but it was out of stock online 🙁 SUCH a nice box and I love the foreo mini! I’m like $200 away from being a rouge, SHOULD I DO IT?!

    • It’s an amazing deal! Omg you’re close. But $200 is still a lot! Depends if you have stuff to buy. 😉