Essence Spring Summer 2017 Face of the Day

Hello! Welcome back to Essence week on the blog. Today I have a Face of the Day using some of the Spring Summer 2017 collection! The new collection has a lot of great items (at a great price) which makes the products totally accessible!

1. Eyes


First up we have the products I used on the eyes. First up is the 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Primer ($5.49 CAD). There are two colours in the collection, 01 Nude Beige (which is what I used) and 02 Nude Rose. This eye primer was super creamy and evened out my dark lids!

Next I went in with the Shape & Shadows Eye Contouring Palette ($9.99). Marilyn Metallic went on the lids, Audrey Highbrow in the crease and Bridgette Brown in the outer corner. Pigmentation was so-so on these.

I used The Glow Must Go On Bronzing and Highlighting Palette ($9.99) for the Honey Glow Highlighter shade for under my brow. It is SO PRETTY! A gorgeous highlight indeed.

Continuing the on the brow train, I used the Make Me Brow Duo Eyeshadow Powder ($4.49) in 02 Mix it Brunette. I only used the darker shade as the left side was just too light for my brows.

Finally for the my eyeliner I used the Rock ‘N Doll Duo Stylist Eyeliner ($3.99). This was interesting as the tip is actually a round ball. Definitely the first time I’ve seen anything like this. I actually really like this eyeliner. I find the ball actually helps get really close to the lash line. It’s a bit trickier to do a wing, but it can be done! The formula was very long wearing and was a black-black colour (which I like).



Along with the the Honey Glow Highligher mentioned above, I also used a new blush and contour from Essence for the look.

For blush I used the Satin Touch Blush ($3.99) in Satin Love. It was a pretty colour, but pigmentation needed a bit of layering to make it show.

I used the Shape Your Face Contouring Palette ($6.99) in Ready, Set, Pink! for only the contour. The shade is so-so. It’s quite warm, so I think it could be used maybe as more of a bronzer for some people.

Here’s a shot of my brow, eye and cheek highlight using the Essence products:




Finally we have one of the Matt Matt Matt lipsticks ($4.49) in 07 Purple Power for my lips. You can see full swatches  of all the shades on my last post here.

Final Look

essence face of the day

And there we have my Essence Face of the Day! Thanks for reading!!

Have any favourite Essence products I should check out??

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  • That lipstick is so pretty, Mel!

  • Their packagings for the boxes are so pretty; reminds me of Benefit but a LOT cheaper. That lip colour suits you super well! <3

    • So cute! Yes, very similar to Benefit! Thanks Whitney!