Versus: Becca Jaclyn Hill and Chrissy Teigen Palettes

becca jaclyn hill Chrissy Teigen

Becca is such an amazing brand producing some of the best face products in the game. One collab that put this brand on the map is the Jaclyn Hill collection. Champagne Pop to my knowledge is one of the highest sold products at Sephora EVER. That’s so incredible! I think I own literally every single iteration of Champagne Pop other than the split pans. You could say I’m a fan. When Becca announced the Chrissy Teigen collection I was so intrigued. The promo pics I saw looked so pretty, and being the complete makeup psycho I am, I snatched it up! But a question remains. How do the Jaclyn Hill and Chrissy Teigen palettes stack up against each other?


I’ll start out by looking at the actual powders in each palette:

Jaclyn Hill

becca jaclyn hill

becca jaclyn hill

Chrissy Teigen

becca Chrissy Teigen

The Jaclyn Hill palette contains 5 pans in total, 3 medium sized and 2 large sized. The Chrissy Teigen palette contains 4 pans in total, 2 medium sized and 2 large sized. The large and medium sized pans are the exact same size between both palettes.

The large pans for each palette are highlighters and the Jaclyn Hill palette contains an extra blush. Even though the Chrissy Teigen palette contains a bronzer, I feel that Amaretto in the Jaclyn Hill palette is somewhat similar.


Both palettes are packaged extremely similarly. They have a hard gel plastic cover in the front with a large mirror inside. Both palettes are detailed with metallic cases (Jaclyn Hill gold and Chrissy Teigen rose gold/ pink). The Jaclyn Hill palette is a touch bigger since it has the extra medium sized pan.


becca jaclyn hill

Jaclyn Hill

becca Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen

Looking at the pans you can tell that the palettes are very similar. The Jaclyn Hill palette leans a bit lighter with the two highlighters included (Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop) while Chrissy Teigen is much warmer with pink tones (Rose Gold and Beach Nectar).

Two blushes in both palettes, Pamplemousse in Jaclyn Hill and Hibiscus Bloom in Chrissy Teigen look very very similar. Hibiscus Bloom has a bit more sparkle to it, but it’s a dupe in my opinion.

In the pan, Amaretto in Jaclyn Hill and Malibu Soleil in Chrissy Teigen looked somewhat similar but swatched, Amaretto looks a bit more orange.


In terms of product quality, both are superb Becca quality. Definitely amazing powders that are consistent with Becca.

becca jaclyn hill Chrissy Teigen


Both palettes are listed as limited edition, with the Jaclyn Hill palette no longer available at Sephora. At the time, the Jaclyn Hill palette sold for $52 USD. The Chrissy Teigen palette is selling for $46 USD at Sephora. The difference between the two is $6 which doesn’t really seem of equal value to a full pan.


Both palettes are beautiful and Becca did a great job with both. It’s tough since you can no longer get the Jaclyn Hill palette anymore. If you managed to get the  Jaclyn Hill palette, I’m not sure if the Chrissy Teigen one is super necessary. I really like the warmer highlights, but the blush and bronzer are so similar to the Jaclyn Hill pans. In addition, the price isn’t much cheaper with the one less pan.

If you didn’t manage to get the Jaclyn Hill palette, the Chrissy Teigen palette is interesting to add to your collection. A single Shimmering Skin Perfector pressed highlighter is around $38 USD so for $46, I think the value is there. I really like the warm tones in this palette too. If you’re at all interested, you should snap it up ASAP! It’s limited edition, so you don’t want to leave it too long.

And there we have a full comparison of the two palettes!! Thanks so much for reading and hope this was helpful to you! Hope you are having a great day!


  • It was so hard to keep from buying the Chrissy Teigen palette, but I actually managed not to pick it up. I’m glad I didn’t because I actually do have the Jaclyn Hill palette and they look super similar. Great comparisons 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • For sure, since you have the Jaclyn Hill palette, this isn’t really a huge difference! They are definitely similar! Thanks Nicole! 🙂

  • I’m super disappointed that the Chrissy Teigen palette is so dang similar to the Jaclyn Hill one. I really love BECCA and their powder products are amongst my favourites ever… but I definitely need more variety if they’re going to be releasing palettes. This just has zero pizzazz when compared to the JH one.

    • Looking at pictures I thought there would be more of a difference, but that one blush is pretty much the same shade! It’s unfortunate that they didn’t lower the price in a meaningful way with the 1 less pan. I’m curious to see what other collabs they have in mind and what their palettes will start to look like.

  • Great comparison!

  • Diana

    Both palettes look beautiful but way too similar. There isn’t much of a difference in the price point

    • Right?!? That’s exactly my thoughts too. Definitely unfortunate.

  • I really wish I had gotten the Jaclyn Hill palette 🙁 I was an idiot and didn’t grab it when I saw it in person at Sephora and by the next weekend when I knew I wanted it for sure they were all sold out. I was really dead set on it because of the two highlights so I don’t necessarily care for the Chrissy Teigen one. Maybe they’ll do a collaboration in the future with colours that I’ll enjoy more. I’ve never tried anything from BECCA, but according too your review along with anyone that I’ve ever heard talk about them, the quality sounds great! Awesome review!

    • Oh no! I was actually so so close to missing it too. Same with you, by the time I decided I wanted it, it was gone from a lot of the Sephoras. Ended up visiting like 5 different in store locations and I found one. I would highly recommend any Becca pressed powders. They are my absolute favs!

  • mahamatar

    I’m definitely a fan of the CT palette more than JH. I think it would suit me more. Great write up!

    • Ahhh! Yes, interesting the hear! Since the CT one is warmer, I can definitely see that.

  • Great post! I have the JH one and will probably be passing on CT. Both are beautiful though! But #budget