Free Graveyard Nail Stencils from Nail Polish Canada

Photo from Whats Up Nails / Nail Polish Canada

Hello folks! Today I have an exciting post thanks to Nail Polish Canada! Halloween is fast approaching, and that means fun makeup and nails! I enjoy doing my nails, but I’m no expert. Nail Polish Canada provided me with a set of Graveyard stencils to try out and I also have a code that gets you a set for FREE!

So as mentioned, since I’m not super great at super complex nail art designs, I was excited to see how this would work. The stencils come on a sheet with these easy pull tabs to remove the stencil from the sheet. You get enough for 2 full applications (20 stencils in total). This amount is also good to have some extras in case one gets messed up. They have varying sizes so you can easily pick one that fits your nail.

I first did a sponge design similar to the image above. I used a gradient with black, purple, and white. You wait until your nails are completely dry and then you put the stencil on. This is where my mistake came in, I didn’t wait until my nails were completely dry. My nails take notoriously long to dry, so I think the next time I do these, I’ll wait a full day before using the stencils. Since my polish wasn’t completely dry, the stencil pulled up some of the polish which was so unfortunate!!

Another tip I can give for best application is to rip very carefully. Since the graveyard scene has a lot of thin areas, these can easily get messed up if you pull too hard. This is another tip i’ll try and utilize the next time I use these.

Think you’ve learned enough from my mistakes? Well, you can redeem for a free set of your own Whats Up Nails Graveyard Stencils! And when I say free, I totally mean free (including shipping)!!

All you have to do is visit this LINK and use my unique code to redeem:


This offer is for the first 10 people, but there are a lot of other bloggers participating in this campaign so click the link above to see if you can find another code if mine has run out. This offer is for Canadian households only. Full redemption instructions can be found through the link above.

If you do redeem for these, I’d totally like to see your experience with them!

Thanks so much for reading! Happy nail-art-ing!!

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  • I have this up on the blog too! My result looks like a Pinterest fail though. LOL!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • OMG well mine weren’t even good enough to post….LOL!! I think yours turned out really well actually!

  • Yay I just ordered mine with your code! I suck at applying these (failed hardcore with the Canada day ones) but hopefully I do better this time!

    • Woo hoo!! Can’t wait for you to get them Amy! HAHA! I do too! Good luck!