Review: Essence Colour Correcting Sticks

essence colour correcting stick

Hello folks! I know colour correcting is a bit of a ‘been there, done that’, but there is a launch from Essence that I think is worth looking at. I’ve tried a couple of colour correctors here are there and they’ve always been pretty good. The only issue is that for something I don’t use all the time, I don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on it. I think the Essence Colour Correcting Sticks have that point covered!

There are five colours in the Essence Colour Correcting Stick collection, each targeting a specific concern. There is yellow (dark circles), nude (dark spots), green (redness), purple (tiredness), and peach (dullness).

essence colour correcting sticks

As you can see from the swatches, these pack a punch. Also, it’s hard to tell from a swatch, but these sticks are super creamy. They don’t tug at all and distribute the product evenly. The stick-format also makes it easy to use and blending is a breeze. I end up using my fingers to distribute, and the warmth from my fingers makes it easy. I notice that these can somewhat sink into pores right at application, but after blending, they are totally fine.

essence colour correcting stick

I was able to make use out of all of them other than really the purple one. Not sure if I used it correctly, but meh. The ones I could see myself using on the regular are the Yellow (dark circles) and Green (redness). My dark circles are out of this world and there is a lot of redness on my face in general

Another thing I really like about these colour correctors is the price. They retail for $5.99 which is a pretty solid drugstore price. I feel like I complain about this at every chance I get, but I find the drugstore getting so out of hand. The prices just seem crazy. Essence is one brand that stays affordable and I can definitely commend them for it.

So if you want some easy colour correcting products to add to your routine, I would recommend the Essence Colour Correcting Sticks! In Canada, you can find these at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!

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  • It’s nice that there is affordable options for colour correcting! The yellow works pretty well for dark circles? I’ve always heard it’s peach or orange that covers dark circles.

    • Yeah, you can use yellow or pink/ salmon for under the eyes. To my knowledge, the pink helps to cancel out the blues or purples from dark circles. I actually have hereditary dark circles (not from being tired) so my dark circles don’t usually have a lot of purple/ blue undertones. The yellow works well to brighten!

      • Very nice to know! I’ve never heard of yellow for dark circles but I can see how it would work and definitely help brighten!

  • I am most tempted to buy the purple one! The older I get the more dull I find my complexion to be.

    • Ah!! Yeah hoping to make use of the purple one more!

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