Drugstore Delights: Essence Water Kiss Glossy Lip Colour

essence water kiss glossy lip colour

As I make my way through the Essence Fall/ Winter 2017 launches I was sent, I keep finding gems. The Water Kiss Glossy Lip Colours definitely surprised me! I’m usually not a glossy lip person, and didn’t expect much pigmentation at all. These little guys pack a punch though!


On the Essence website, the Water Kiss Glossy Lip Colours are described as a medium-coverage gloss that’s weightless on the lips. I think in a nutshell this is a pretty accurate representation of this product. I was surprised how pigmented these are actually. With one swatch they are pretty opaque. Depending on if you’re as shoddy as applying lipstick as I am, I had a bit of uneven-ness but with the formula it makes sense.


One of the first things that caught my eye was the colours. I was sent three colours to try out: Aquatic Chic, Deep Sea Love, and Ocean Girl. All very water-y appropriate names. There are a total of 6 colours in the collection all in brighter pinks, mauves and reds.

essence water kiss glossy lip colour

Ocean Girl – Deep Sea Love – Aquatic Chic


Straight from my arm swatches, you can tell that they are very ‘watery’ but dry down just a bit. I would definitely consider these a gloss though and they don’t dry down enough to look matte or anything. On application, it was a very weird feeling. I’m not sure if it was just me, but I almost felt a slight tingling sensation on my lips? Similar to the ‘lip venom’ plumping feeling but not nearly as strong. Maybe I just wasn’t used to the formula. This wasn’t a bad feeling by any means, but a weird sensation.


The only really ‘negative’ thing about these is that I would only wear these in very specific situations. There is no WAY I would wear this out of the house on my daily commute just because I know my hair would get everywhere in them. These are not a sticky gloss by any means and actually feel quite smooth on the lips. With the colour being so intense though, this would get all over my face on a windy day in a hot minute.

I also would say you need to reapply these after meals. Due to their watery consistency, they never really totally dry down so the pigment can be easily removed. Your lips are stained slightly after wearing these, but not really as punchy as the fresh gloss.

essence water kiss glossy lip colour

Ocean Girl

essence water kiss glossy lip colour

Deep Sea Love

essence water kiss glossy lip colour

Aquatic Chic


Overall, I think these are worth a try. I am totally in love with the colours and the finish, even if a bit impractical and potentially messy at times. As with all Essence products, these can be picked up online for a STEAL at $4.99. These are essencemakeup.com exclusives, so unfortunately you won’t be able to pick these up at Shoppers.

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!

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  • I did find this gloss a little hard to apply, but I love how light it feels. I *think* I have the Aquatic Chic colour, but I really like how Ocean Girl looks with your skin tone!

    • Thanks Amy! I really love Ocean Girl. It’s like my perfect pink! 🙂

  • Ocean Girl looks fab on you! I definitely would give these a go!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge