Event Recap: Dermalogica Chalet

dermalogica chalet

This is the quickest turnaround for a post that I think I’ve ever done! Last night I went to a Dermalogica event to promote their new products along with their brick and mortar Dermalogica Chalet. This was my first introduction to Dermalogica personally so I was really excited to dive right in!

Dermalogica Chalet Services

I’ll first start with the Dermalogica Chalet itself. It’s located at 639 Queen St W in Toronto. It opens to the public today, January 18th 2018, and runs until Sunday (January 21, 2018)  The decorations are Nordic with a very cozy feel! It was a chilly evening, so being inside was definitely a huge relief.

dermalogica chalet

The Chalet is split up into a couple of different areas:

Face Mapping

dermalogica chalet

The first station that I hit was the Face Mapping Skin Analysis area. My friend Maria from Pink Petals and I did it together. One consultant used an iPad to record results (mine) while the other used pen and paper (hers). They asked us some questions about skin concerns, sensitivities, what our current routines are, etc. Then they used this magnifier light to get really close to our skin so they could take a better look at it.

My consultant said my skin was dehydrated (which I’m not surprised about) and mentioned the redness I have around the crease of my nose and cheeks. After they completed the analysis, we both got individualized skincare recommendations. This was helpful as Dermalogica has a LOT of different products for a LOT of different skin concerns!

Skin Bar Treatment

dermalogica chalet

My friend Christina from The Christina Truong Network getting her facial

The next thing that Maria and I did was get a treatment done at their Skin Bar. They are essentially 10 minute mini facials! My consultant was super nice and explained fully all the products she was using and why she was using them.

My skin currently still feels amazing. It feels hydrated without being greasy, and the texture is really nice! My consultant used some of the new products being featured from Dermalogica which i’ll get to in a bit.

Dermalogica ProSkin 30 Treatment

dermalogica chalet

Something that I didn’t try was the longer, more substantial facial. It’s apparently 30 minutes with it being specialized to your specific skin concerns. I had a couple of friends try it in the evening and they seemed impressed!

From an onlooker perspective, one of the coolest things about the facial is the ambiance! It’s right at the front of the Chalet in a little ‘cavern’ with cushy faux fur lined chairs. It definitely seems like an original set up for a facial!

Service Price List

Below is a list of all the skin treatments you can do (described above) including their prices. I don’t think these prices are super expensive, and they are in the range for an average facial that I’ve gotten in the past.

dermalogica chalet


Something else the Chalet functions as is a storefront for Dermalogica. They are specifically highlighting two of their new products: The Barrier Defense Booster and the Calm Water Gel. I had both used in my facial and I’m excited to start integrating them into my routine (we got some press samples to try them out further).

dermalogica chalet

The Barrier Defense Booster is described as a “concentrated oil booster that nourishes skin, relieves dryness, and guards against discomfort”. The Calm Water Gel is a “weightless water-gel moisturizer that penetrates skin to lock in moisture”.

The chalet theme is perfect to promote these products as they are specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin. You can also purchase other Dermalogica products, not only these two new guys.


And there we have an overview of the Dermalogica Chalet! It was a fun night filled with good skincare and friends, so I’m happy!

As I mentioned, the Dermalogica Chalet will be in Toronto (639 Queen St W) for 4 days starting today and ending Sunday. The see the full hours of operations and to pre-book any appointments, you can do so through the Dermalogica website. If you’re looking to treat yourself and are in the area, I would definitely recommend checking it out!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

*Sent for review (I was invited to a Press Event which provided complementary services and product)