First Impressions: Annabelle Cosmetics

annabelle cosmetics

One thing that I’d like to explore more is Canadian beauty brands. This country is clock full of makeup that I haven’t really explored. One brand that I was recently introduced to is Annabelle Cosmetics. I’ve definitely seen them around while visiting drugstores, but never really grabbed anything. I got my makeup done last fall from Annabelle and was sent home some items to try. I’m just getting around to this post now between all the holiday releases and switching jobs!

Eye & Brow Palette

annabelle eye and brow palette

First up is the Eye & Brow Palette ($12.95 CAD). I was excited to try this as the colours are totally up my alley. I was curious to see how this palette compared to others that I’ve tired. Using this palette a couple of times, I would say it’s ‘ok’. I definitely wouldn’t say the quality is similar to the likes of Urban Decay, ABH, MAC, etc, but I do think this is a decent choice for the drugstore. Some of the lighter shades I had issues getting good pigmentation on, but if you build it up quite a bit, you can get a very natural eye. I do like that this palette has a mixture of mattes and shimmers with the two brow shades at the end. If you’re just starting to get into makeup, this might be a good choice to try playing around with.

Kohl Eyeliner

I’m a huge fan of eyeliner so I’m always curious to try new ones. Unfortunately this one didn’t hit the mark for me. It was super creamy, but I found that it didn’t place very much pigment. I had to go over this with a liquid liner which definitely doesn’t work for me. I like my eyeliners super black, so unfortunately this is a thumbs down for me!

Eyeink Bubble Liquid Liner

annabelle eyelink bubble eyeliner

The Eyeink Bubble liner is a cute concept, but I don’t really see myself using this on the regular. The tip is not a sharp point, but actually a round ‘bubble’. The formula on this is okay, but again, nothing mind blowing. I find that it has a bit of a thinner consistency than other liners that I’ve used. So I would say for an experiment this could work, but not really worth it for every day.

Waterline Luminous Eyeliner

annabelle waterline luminous eyeliner

Out of all the eyeliners I tried from Annabelle, this waterline one was my favourite. I don’t usually do anything on my waterline just because the shape of my eye, but this formula was creamy and natural. It has a pearl sheen which adds a nice look to the eyes. In terms of wear time, It didn’t last all day, but I honestly didn’t expect it to. If you’re looking for a waterline pencil to help brighten your eyes, I think this would be a nice choice to try.

Big Show Lip Shine

annabelle big show lip shine

Unfortunately this lip gloss was a bit of a bust for me. It felt sticky on the lips, and the colour payoff wasn’t there. You would DEFINITELY need to wear a colour underneath this just because it’s mostly just glitter. I tried this on bare lips and it didn’t look great. The glitter just accentuated my lip lines, so this is a hard NO from me.

Biggy Bronzer Matte

annabelle biggy bronzer matte

I saved the best for last. The Biggy Bronzer Matte blew my expectations! I don’t use bronzer much, but have a couple of favourites that I turned to. Between both high end and drugstore, this is one of my favourites!! It looks extremely natural on, doesn’t look too orange, and it’s very easy to blend! I would highly recommend this bronzer!


And there we have some first impressions of Annabelle. Unfortunately a lot of the items didn’t blow me away, but I’m still curious to try more from the brand. The bronzer is such a great find and I was happy to add that to my collection! Any favourites from Annabelle that you’d recommend I try?

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!

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