Review: Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone Shampoo and Conditioner

Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone

One thing that I look for in my hair care is any mention of the words “frizz” and “free” in the same sentence. This Giovanni 2chic has “frizz be gone” which is close enough. I was sent this shampoo and conditioner duo a couple of months ago and I’ve been using it ever since. I’m happy to give my full review of this line!


One of the best duos for frizz that I’ve ever used!


$15 CAD each



Rambling Review

Let me start by saying I have EXTREMELY frizzy hair. Like, next level frizz. I have tons of flyaways, and hair that adds a couple of inches to my head. I’ve found some things that work, but nothing that has completely tamed my frizz. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this, but it did pass my expectations!

I’ll start off by giving a bit of info about Giovanni Cosmetics. They are said to be the “first full-range, salon-inspired hair care brand in natural stores and today is the #1 selling Hair Care line in the US natural industry”. I’ve never really tried natural hair care before and was curious how it would compare to other lines!

Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone

Top – Conditioner, Bottom – Shampoo

When I first used this I was surprised how thick the shampoo was. I’m used to my shampoos being more see-through or lighter so I was interested! Both the shampoo and conditioner are infused with shea butter and sweet almond oil so this could be the reason for the thickness! This shampoo lathers up quite well.

Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone

Shampoo ingredients

The conditioner is very similar to others that I’ve used in the past, and it works quite well! I’ve always used these two together and the experience has been great. There is a very mild scent to both the shampoo and conditioner that smells a bit like shea butter and almonds? (hmmm I wonder why that would be…? ;))

Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone

Conditioner ingredients

After rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, it feels extremely soft and smooth. I’ve been able to test this duo in many scenarios both with and without serum, air dry and blow dry. There is a serum in the 2chic line, but I’ve been using my regular frizz fighting serums. The biggest surprise for me has been how my hair has looked using NO serum. I haven’t been able to not user serum in a long time.

Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone

My picture above is completely air dried hair with no serum. Lets be clear, this isn’t totally straight perfect hair. But jeez if you’ve seen my regular hair this is 10x better than that. There is some frizz, but the flyaways aren’t crazy and it feels soft and smooth.

All in all I’m very happy with these hair care products. I would definitely repurchase them again on my own (you can get this line and more from Giovanni cosmetics on I would say my first foray into natural haircare has been successful!!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!


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