Pokemon Go Team Makeup Looks

pokemon go makeup look

So unless you’ve been under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of Pokemon Go. It’s the AR, geolocation game based on the popular Pokemon franchise that is taking the world by storm. I’ve been a huge fan of the Pokemon series already so this Pokemon game for mobile devices has been interesting! I’ve been definitely playing but not quite addicted. 😉 I’m more excited for the new Sun and Moon games coming out soon! Anyways, in the Pokemon Go games once you reach level 5, you get the choice between 3 teams: Instinct (Yellow, Zapdos), Mystic (Blue, Articuno), and Valor (Red, Moltres). I was inspired by these 3 teams and their colours and decided to do 3 different makeup looks representing them!

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Experiments with my Vice 4


urban decay vice 4 palette
So qualifier here, I am NO makeup artist. Even though my blog name should profess that quite clearly, I thought I would mention again. I do however love to play around with makeup, as I know a lot of us do. If you read my What I Got for Christmas post this year, you’ll have seen that I got a Vice 4 for Christmas. I’ve been talking about this palette for months, so I was extremely happy to play around with it. This palette has been getting a lot of hate compared to older Vice palettes, but you know what? I don’t even care. I really really like this palette just because most of the colours I was really drawn to. Even though I am no makeup artist, I thought I would share some of the eye looks I created!

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