Review: Luxie Wonder Woman Face Brush Set

Luxie Wonder Woman Face Brush Set

The one (and only) purchase I made at Gen Beauty this year was this Luxie x Wonder Woman face brush kit. It was love at first sight for sure. Before the convention, I took a look at Luxie’s website and this brush set definitely caught my eye. After seeing the Wonder Woman movie in theaters, I have just been Wonder Woman obsessed. I want to grab some of the comics to really learn more about the lore.

Anyways, as mentioned in my Gen Beauty 2017 Toronto Recap, these were actually the only brushes that Luxie was selling. I guess it was lucky for me because I ended up taking it home!

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Best of Beauty 2016

Hello friends!! It’s pretty unreal to believe that it’s already the first day of 2017. As with all years, there were ups, downs, peaks and valleys. This can especially be true of the beauty world!! Today I thought I would do a recap of some of my favourite items throughout the year. These aren’t necessarily products that came out this year, but items I’ve been loving/ discovered during 2016!

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My Travel Beauty Packing List

travel makeup

Travel makeup. It’s almost like an art. You don’t want to be left without your favourite products but at the same time you don’t want to be paying overweight luggage fees! When I went away for a weekend in November I feel like I definitely under packed. I wasn’t happy with the palette I brought and I was wishing for all the glorious makeup I had tucked at home. I thought I would give you some insight on what I decided to pack for my upcoming vacation to the Caribbean!

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My Dabbling in High End Makeup

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*Gift and Purchased

2016-02-27 10.34.59
Started from the bottom now we’re here. If you read my CityLine event recap post, you’ll know that we got a very generous gift bag full of amazing makeup. One other thing I got was a $70 gift card to The Bay which I ended up splurging on a Burberry eyeshadow palette! It’s so funny because this day was probably my first entrance into the ‘luxury’ or high end makeup market. So I guess the question is: do I think it’s worth it?

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Halloween: A Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer

*Purchased and Gift

This year’s Halloween was a momentous occasion. I decided to put some effort into thinking of a costume.

I’ve never been huge into Halloween, but I’ve never disliked it either. It was always just a fun little holiday for me. If I had somewhere to go, I’d dress up. I have my go-to Super Mario costume that I feel like I’ve been using for years.

This year my friend was throwing a Halloween party and I decided to try my best and do something a little creative. I wanted to do a ‘makeup’ costume, but something that didn’t require too much. I didn’t want to go out and buy a lot of supplies when I had neither the skills or use for them. I decided on a deer costume as it was fairly simple and I could use makeup that I already had. Here’s the final makeup result!

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. There are so many variations to this look which is great. I picked one that worked for me which was not too dramatic but still gave a bit of a punch.

Here is the product list:
Foundation: Make Up For Ever HD (old formula) in 120
Concealer: Make Up For Ever Full Cover in 7 (used for my bottom lip)
Eyeshadows: Colour Pop’s To-A-T on the lid and 3 in the crease
Eyeliner: Kat Von D’s Tattoo liner in Trooper on the upper lash and Marc Jacobs Highlander Gel Eye Crayon on the lower lash
Contour: Benefit’s Hoola bronzer

Lips: Colour Pop’s Ultra Matte lipsticks in Beeper on the top lip
Eyebrows: NYX Micro Brow in Black 
White Dots: Essence Kajal Liner in White and the Sephora birthday gift from 2010 (a mini pearl eyeshadow) 

False Eyelashes: Make Up For Ever Lash Show- Creative Impact C-703

Last week I went to a Make Up For Ever event which was super duper fun (a post is in the works). At the event we were gifted 2 pairs of their new lashes. I was so happy to integrate them into this look! These new lashes will be released in November at Sephora. 

Happy Halloween everyone! 

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The Great Beauty Purge

I’ve been cleaning my room very slowwwwwllllyyyy over the past couple of weeks and I finally got a chance to clean out my beauty items. I wouldn’t say I’ve gotten into makeup recently (at least 5+ years) which is weird to think about because I always consider myself a newbie when it comes to this stuff. Some of these products I’ve had since the beginning which means that it NEEDS to go. I was putting this off for a bit because I just hate the idea of throwing away perfectly ‘good’ products. What can be done though. Here is the stuff that I purged. And it’s a lot.

Body Care

Mostly Bath and Body Works creams and sprays. Something I would repurchase is the True Blue Spa- Look Ma, New Hands. I love that lotion for winter. I put it on at night and it leaves my hands super smooth when I wake up. I think I would just try and buy a smaller bottle next time.

Hair Care

I would look into repurchasing got2b Guardian Angel heat protectant and the John Frieda 3 Day Straight spray. Both of these were practically empty but still had a little left kicking that I never ended up using.

I bought the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak dry shampoo after hearing rave reviews when I was shopping in the states. It worked alright near the beginning but now it literally does nothing. Yes, it has no white residue, but it doesn’t work. Not worth it. I would choose Batiste any day over this.

Skin Care

The mini sample of It’s Potent Eye Cream was smelling a bit nasty so that’s why I knew it was time to go. It’s sad that I didn’t finish the Tarte Maracuja oil. I found it left a bit of a reside on my face when I used it. For hair it was alright, but I would say I have better products. I think it is good to have a little bit of these oils around just in case for cuticles or other random uses.

Face Primers

Some of these could have gone in skin care I guess. The Tarte primers just did not work for me. They felt really weird on the skin and smelled a bit funky. I got the Dr. Brandt Pores No More in an ipsy and had high hopes. Maybe I got a bad one but it’s all separated and goopy. :/ A bit odd!

Face Powders/ Bronzers

Oh god the Maybelline Mineral Power stuff is so old. It actually worked somewhat decently, but I’d like to try something else. I don’t even know if they still sell the line? The other products are barely used, but are definitely past their expiration.


It sucks cause these are all barely used. I used them once and then NOPE. At least I didn’t buy them, I got them all one way or another for free. For more insight about my feelings on mascara you can check out this blog post. Now when I get gifted a mascara, I save it so I can give it away to someone.


Not much here. Both have some significance in my beauty life though. The Clinique dark plum gel eyeliner is actually what I wore to prom. I used it a lot and got some decent use out of it so that’s good. The Rimmel eyeliner was the first makeup item I purchased other than nail polish.


I’m kind of sad throwing away the Tokidoki quad, but the shadows are just so bad. I got it at Sephora $12 sale. The revlon stuff I got in a gift bag at one time. I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to use these very much.

Blush/ Highlighter

Essentially just old products. The only thing I would repurchase is the elf whipped highlighter/blush thingy. I remember I got that free from elf when I made my first and only online order. *sigh*

Brow Products

I’m kind of sad that I wasn’t able to give this away in a good time frame. It’s a perfectly good product just not my shade at all. It’s way too light, so I didn’t end up using it that much.

Lip Products

This was by far my biggest purge group. It sucks because a lot of the Bath and Body Works are unused, but they are just too old to give away at this point. I think I would repurchase the C. O. Bigelow lip glosses if I was the repurchase anything here.

Whitestrips Samples

These were collected from magazines and other sample-givers haha. I actually have used Crest Whitestrips in the past (I have a full sized box) and LOVE them. If your teeth are sensitive they might feel a bit uncomfortable, but they work SO well. I also noticed that I would only have to buy a box a year so it lasted for quite a bit. I’m not using whitening products now just because I’ve been having issues with my gums (unrelated to the use of this). These unfortunately are too old to save for later.

And those are all my tosses. Sorry some of the products are a bit hard to see, I didn’t really want to do closeups just because of the volume of products featured. While  going though my makeup I picked up a few items that weren’t that old to give away at the CBB dinner/de-stash (which was SO FUN). I forgot to take pics though, oops.

Thanks so much for reading and hope you have a wonderful day!

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Elle Canada Beauty Box – Spring 2014

Recently in the mail I got the best surprise.

I don’t subscribe to any beauty boxes (thinking about Ipsy though) so I’m not really used to surprises in the mail. I had no idea, but my mom had signed up for the Elle Canada Beauty Box. She had actually already opened it and when she found out there was nothing she really wanted, she gave it to me. 🙂 Thanks momma.

Here is what’s inside!

A little booklet filled with style ideas.

Very beauty box-esque booklet with all the products listed

Can always use some more white strips. 🙂

Coupons. Meh. It was free I guess haha.

Full size mascara! It’s funny, one of the best things in the box, and I’m probably not gonna use it. My lashes make it extremely hard to use mascara (waterproof or not), so I think I’ll give it to my friend.  

Shave gel with Olay. This one I’ve already tried and it’s pretty good. All shave gels seem the same to me though…

Little baby samples of Pantene.
I hope they have more these free boxes, cause they are the cutest things! 🙂
Hope you’re having a great day!

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