All opinions on this blog are my own. I want to make the content and how I received the product I am reviewing as transparent as possible. As of January 1st, 2015, there will be a bottom line on future blog posts indicating where and how products were received.

*Purchased = Purchased with my own money
*Sent for Review= Not purchased and received in exchange for a review (always honest opinion)
*Gift= More all encompassing. Anything that I did not purchase, but also not sent by a specific company or group to review.
*Affiliate Links= Affiliate links are used in the post

When a post considers more than one product such as an Empties post, asterisks (*) will be used to denote where a product came from. Either the product was sent for review (*) or the product was a gift (**). Products that do not contain an asterisk were bought with my own funds.

I cannot stress enough that all opinions presented on my blog are my own. I try to present the products I review to the best of my ability. I also must add that what might work (or not work) for me might not have the same consequences with you. I can only speak to my own experiences with a product.

I frequently feature ‘hauls’ on my page. These are a collection of products purchased with my own money or gifted. It is not my intention to brag or boast about products. I personally like to read haul posts so it is only natural for me to feature some of my own blog. I apologize in advance if there are any ill feelings.

Please note that all photos on I’m Not a Beauty Guru are copyright to me unless otherwise stated. You need written consent to use any photo.

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