Review: Nudestix #TOOCUTE Holiday Kit


nudestix #toocute
So let me start by saying that this set is no longer available at Sephora. I’m a kill joy right? But I still wanted to post about this just because it’s my first introduction to Nudestix. I want to assume that the products included in this kit are the same as their regular lip and cheek tints. I’ve been curious about Nudestix for awhile and if you are too, hopefully I can provide some insight.

Nudestix is created by Jenny and her two daughters Ally and Taylor who are quite prolific throughout the advertising. Their mission is to create makeup that creates a natural look but better. These cheek and lip tints seem like a great concept.


Beautiful matte colour but the lasting power could be a bit better.


$28 for the kit



Would I Buy Again?


Rambling Review

This kit comes with 2 lip/cheek tints:
– Sin: A rose-y pink
– Mystic: A mauve-y pink
– Satan: A cherry red

My descriptions are extremely scientific, I know. The kit itself comes with a sharpener and the case has a mirror which is definitely a nice touch. I can’t see myself really carrying around the case though.

So now onto the actual colours. I really love Sin and Satan but I find that Mystic is a bit too light for me. It’s a surprise because the other two are super pigmented. The most interesting things about these is the finish. It’s hard to explain, they are almost like a satin matte? If you look at the swatch below, Mystic might not be as pigmented just because it’s not a matte like the other two. They are super comfortable on the lips and feel amazing. On the cheeks, they feel good as well, but don’t really give the oomph that I’m used to with powder blushes.

nudestix #toocute
Sin – Mystic – Satan
Another thing I’ve noticed about this kit and Nudestix in general are the prices. I feel like these are a bit more pricey than other similar lip products from Sephora. This kit I thought was a pretty good deal though, and since they market it as a lip and cheek product, you get 2 in 1?

I also noticed that the wear time on these aren’t that long. After a meal, the product would be mostly gone from my lips and I would have to reapply. This isn’t a huge deal though as they are comfortable to reapply, almost like a balm consistency.

With that being said though, they are really nice products, and I look forward to trying more from Nudestix in the future!
Thanks very much for reading!

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