First Impressions: Vichy Normaderm Acne Skin Care Line

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vichy normaderm

My usual skincare routine is marginal at best. I am the first one to admit that I don’t take the best care of my skin. I totally understand the investment in skincare means a cleaner canvas for makeup, but I just find myself getting lazy. As I start to get older, I’ve noticed my skin has started to change slightly. I’ve been suffering from hyper pigmentation, and adult acne (if this is adulting I don’t want any part of it!). In comes the Vichy Normaderm skincare line for oily and acne prone skin. I received the collection containing a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer from the Chick Advisor Review Club. Lets get into the review!

How I Tested the Products

To give some background to my results, I wanted to give an overview of how I tested the three products. I completely moved over my entire skincare routine to these three products. I used the cleanser twice a day, the toner once a day, and the moisturizer once (sometimes twice) a day. I did not use any other skincare products on my face. I tested these with and without makeup over top.

Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel

normaderm deep cleansing gel

Lets start with the cleanser. All in all, I think it’s a great daily option. It’s a pretty watery consistency and has a light scent (sort of smells like men’s cologne a bit? I didn’t mind it at all). I could feel it cleansing without striping my skin of any moisture which was a great feeling (I did not feel any tightening of my skin). I’ve used acne treatments in the past which completely dry out your skin, but this cleanser didn’t do this at all. With this being said though, I don’t think it provided a deep cleanse of my skin. I have massive blackheads and pores and only really felt a surface cleanse.

Normaderm Purifying Lotion

normaderm purifying lotion

I feel the name of this is quite misleading. I would definitely not consider this a lotion at all as it’s a liquid. I haven’t used very many toners before, but I liked this one. I used my regular cotton pads to distribute it to my face. I noticed there was a strong scent of alcohol but this didn’t really bother me. Something I can compare the toner soaked cotton pad to is those OXY acne skin care pads that I used to use as a teen. The toner was quite strong, but it did give that extra layer of clean to my skin. I would continue to use this, but I’m not sure if I would repurchase.

Normaderm Corrective Anti-Acne Treatment

normaderm corrective anti-acne treatment

I used this anti-acne treatment as a daily moisturizer as recommended on the bottle. Sometimes I would use it before bed as well. What I really liked about this treatment was the fact that it gave a wonderful amount of moisture. As I mentioned with the cleanser, some acne treatments dry out your skin, but the Normaderm line did not do that at all. Like the cleanser, this had a light scent that I enjoyed. It wore pretty well under makeup and was a nice daily moisturizer. I didn’t notice that I stayed any more matte throughout the day with this though. Also one thing to note was that if I put too much on, whether I wore makeup or not, the cream ended up ‘pilling’ or balling up. If I tried to moderate how much I put on (a very thin layer) then I could prevent this from happening.


Now to the good stuff. What were the results of using these products for around 2 weeks?


The photo on the left is the first photo taken on July 1st. The second photo on the right is the photo taken July 16th. Obviously there has been no editing done to these photos.

Aside from the lighting difference, I think you can get a decent idea of how this product performed. In all honesty by just looking at the photographic evidence, there wasn’t really much change. On July 1st I had a brand spankin’ new pimple just below the apple of my cheek. From my after picture, the pimple got noticeably less red and inflamed, but by no means disappeared. I have some hyper pigmentation present on the apple of my cheek which didn’t really fade away either.

Even with these results, I’m not unhappy with the Normaderm line. It prevented any massive breakouts and kept my skin clean. Giving the line the benefit of the doubt, I might get different results as I continue to use these products for the recommended 1 month timeline.

All in all, I think the Normaderm is a solid cleansing line for those with oily skin. I’m not sure if it would be your saving grace if you have extreme cases of acne, but for a daily use to keep skin clean and fresh, this is a nice option.

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you have a great day!

  • I got these but I’m not sure it’s suitable for my super super super dry, non-acne prone skin. I’ll definitely give the cleanser a go though! I love that I can actually see results on your skin!

    • Yes and from I remember you said you have very sensitive skin. The toner might be too harsh, but the cleanser should be fine! Haha thanks! My makeup free selfies I guess!

      • I think I’ll skip the toner in that case, or try it on my neck first to see if I break out! Thanks!

  • Skincare usually takes a month or two to show the full effects, so I’d probably try it for a few more weeks to see if you like it. The moisturizer sounds like something I’d really like – I hate applying spot treatments so this would be a good way to get around that 😉

    • Yup Jodi, you’re completely right! I updated my review as a ‘first impression’ instead of a review. Thanks for the heads up!!

      It’s really nice actually, works as a spot treatment plus a moisturizer! Win!

      • Yay I might have to put that on my shopping list for the SDM redemption event.

  • The moisturizer sounds interesting! I feel you with the adult acne… except mine never 100% disappeared. I used the purete thermale range and noticed that the cleanser did remove oil really well, but didn’t feel a deep clean either. Hopefully this will provide more of a change in a couple weeks!

    • Yeah so it seems we are in the same boat! I hope so too haha!

  • I’m lucky to rarely suffer breakouts but I don’t think this range did much for your skin at all. If you have adult acne or always suffer from breakouts then I would recommend trying Clearasil Daily Clear pads. I am using the mild version which I use a few times a week but there’s also a plus version which would help anyone who always suffer breakouts.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Nope not much at all. Ohhh! I’d be interested in trying them for sure. I don’t suffer from extreme breakouts now, mostly hormonal. Thanks for the recommendation though!!