Review: MyChelle Clear Skin Line

MyChelle Clear Skin

Hi friends! It’s been some time! Coming at you today with a review of a skincare line I’ve been trying out. MyChelle is a relatively new brand to Canada, but I’ve tried a couple things from them that I’ve really liked! (a few items I reviewed can be found here). They have a line specifically for oily/acne prone skin that I’ve been lucky enough to try out!

There are five items in the Clear Skin collection:

  • Cranberry Cleanser
  • Balancing Lotion
  • Pore Refiner
  • Spot Treatment
  • Cranberry Mud Mask

1. Cranberry Cleanser

MyChelle Cranberry Cleanser

First up we have the Clear Skin Cranberry Cleanser ($20 CAD). I really like this cleanser. It’s a very liquidy consistency, almost water. It doesn’t foam much at all which is interesting. It cleans very well, but doesn’t strip my skin of any moisture. This is a very easy cleanser to integrate into your rotation if you have oily skin! I’d definitely look into repurchasing when this runs out.

2. Balancing Lotion

MyChelle Balancing Lotion

Next is the Clear Skin Balancing Lotion ($32 CAD). Another great product in the line. I can’t wait to use this for summer. It’s moisturizing, but definitely mattifying which creates a good base for makeup. I would say this probably isn’t great for those with dry skin, but my oily-combo skin ate it up (in a good way)!

3. Pore Refiner

MyChelle Pore Refiner

A serum I’ve been trying out in this line is the Clear Skin Pore Refiner ($35 CAD). I wasn’t a huge fan of this. The serum itself was okay, but I didn’t really see a difference like the other items in this line. I also noticed a scent that lingered on my skin (not scented, just a ‘product’ smell).

4. Spot Treatment

MyChelle Spot Treatment

A product I was really looking forward to trying out was the Clear Skin Spot Treatment ($19 CAD). Unfortunately I didn’t notice a huge different in my zits. 🙁 I usually get hormonal acne with some pretty noticeable spots around my chin and forehead. I used this on a fresh pimple and didn’t really notice much difference. Too bad! It’s such a cute little product and I love the idea of it!

5. Cranberry Mud Mask

Clear Skin Cranberry Mask

Now for my favourite item of the line: the Clear Skin Cranberry Mud Mask ($32 CAD). I LOVE THIS MASK! I tested this out with my boyfriend and I really loved how it made my skin feel. He has very sensitive skin and it made his skin a bit red afterwards, but still made his skin feel extremely soft. I was completely fine, no redness on my end. It has an almost cooling feeling to it which is very relaxing. It’s a mask that really feels like it’s doing something nice for your skin versus just sitting on the surface.


MyChelle Clear Skin

MyChelle Clear Skin

All in all, if you’re interested in trying out a new skincare line for oily-acne prone skin, check out the MyChelle Clear Skin collection! There’s definitely a few products I’d recommend! Thanks so much for reading!

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  • I like your quick takes on each product! I Love the the philosophy spot acne treatment, it’s been working on huge bee sized zits! I never seen cranberry integrated in skincare products before!

    • Thanks Whitney! I’ve been meaning to actually try that! It sounds really great. Yeah! Cranberry is one ingredient you don’t hear much about! It works for these items I think!