Haul: Sephora Sale on Sale

sephora sale

If you’re not too tired of hauls after this holiday season, I have another one coming at you! Sephora always has 20% off of sale at the end of the year and I ended up picking up a few things! It’s always nice to save money and I was able to use some of my giftcards too!

BITE Amuse Bouche Liquified Lip Set

Amuse Bouche Liquified Lip Set

Amuse Bouche Liquified Lip Set

I was alerted to this discounted set from Julie over at Swatch and Review! I was super interested in this set, but I’m glad I waited cause of the 20% sale! The BITE Amuse Bouche Liquified Lip Set contains 4 minis of their liquified lipstick formula. The four shades in this are Demi-Glace, Flambe, Braised, and Whip. I have the Mauvember liquified lipstick and love the formula! These are quite mini (about an inch or two), but for the sale price of of $17 CAD I think it’s definitely worth it!

ColourPop Amber Crystal Collection Bundle

colourpop amber

colourpop amber

Funny enough, this was one of those sets where I was thinking….why did I actually buy this? I didn’t really need anything in this kit (who really needs anything they buy from Sephora), but I was curious. I’ve tried everything a couple of times in the ColourPop Amber Crystal Collection Bundle and I’m actually really impressed! I would say this set it outside of the ‘hype’ colourpop items, so it was interesting for me to try items outside their shadows and lipsticks.

The lip balm is actually quite nice with a very nice mango scent. The tube itself looks very pigmented but it definitely sheers out a lot. I wouldn’t consider this even a tinted balm really. The highlighter is potent! A litte goes a long way! The only thing that kinda sucks about this kit is the spray bottle of the setting spray. I haven’t been able to truely test the setting spray because the bottle is actually the worst. Imagine the worst spray bottle you can think of and multiple that by 10. This one squirts out big thick droplets every which way and then drips all down the side. I’ll definitely have to switch this into another bottle!

Tocca Fragrance Wardrobe

tocca fragrance wardrobe

tocca fragrance wardrobe

This was a bit of an unexpected purchase for me. I don’t feature fragrance on here a lot and that’s because I don’t wear it very much. I have a Jo Malone fragrance that I pop out every now and again and also the Kat Von D fragrances which I actually do like (but never wear). The Tocca Fragrance Wardrobe has 7 rollerball fragrance which are perfect for on the go. The rollerball aspect appealed to me the most just because I find sprays can get a bit too potent. I’m excited to try these all out!

And there we have a mini Sephora haul! Short but sweet! Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


  • Discount on sale goodies are always a good idea! I was too slow for some of the ones I wanted and am still kicking myself over it!

    Stephanie | theFantasia.com

    • Right? I know I would have LOVED to get more Becca highlighters but it looked like those went real fast. Sigh.